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it works

Hi there!! Sorry to bother you, but after the unity player loads, I'm just getting a blank black screen.

 Is there a way to troubleshoot this on my end? O is there a website of yours where I can play this?

Hi! sorry about that, all I can say is "it works for me"! If you're getting a black screen, maybe a graphics card issue? This is a 3D game, with a semi-advanced lighting, so a very old GPU maybe wouldn't work.

You can try the downloadable version from the GGJ website: (btw I just realized the link is broken in our itch page so I'm gonna fix it right now).

the graphics card issue is quite possible. Thanks for the link!!

I can't get in the game :')

Please help

what do you mean "can't get in"? is the Unity player not starting?

after it loaded the unity something didn't pop up

how do light the fire ;-;

with a match!

i tried that it just went back to where it was before without lighting the fire *goes to play friday night funkin mods*

So after a few tries, I managed to light it!... wow this is fiddly :D ! Click once to grab the matchbox, drag it to the fireplace, and click again (the hitbox sucks! for me it worked when I pointed the match itself to the lower-right corner of the fireplace, near the log).

I hadn't played this since the GGJ, 2 years ago, I don't know what we were thinking with the interactions with the dragging, but this is _not_ very friendly.

I still love the look & feel though :), and the lighting! Be sure to turn off the lamp once you light the fire, it's cosier.