Sit by the fire and relax... also, click on things.

In case you're wondering: yes, that's all there is to it, one screen, a handful of actions. If you're spending more than 2 minutes on this, you're probably doing it wrong... unless of course you just wanna hang out by the fire, in which case do make yourself at home.


Made for the 2019 Global Game Jam:

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it works

Hi there!! Sorry to bother you, but after the unity player loads, I'm just getting a blank black screen.

 Is there a way to troubleshoot this on my end? O is there a website of yours where I can play this?

Hi! sorry about that, all I can say is "it works for me"! If you're getting a black screen, maybe a graphics card issue? This is a 3D game, with a semi-advanced lighting, so a very old GPU maybe wouldn't work.

You can try the downloadable version from the GGJ website: (btw I just realized the link is broken in our itch page so I'm gonna fix it right now).

the graphics card issue is quite possible. Thanks for the link!!

I can't get in the game :')

Please help

what do you mean "can't get in"? is the Unity player not starting?

after it loaded the unity something didn't pop up

how do light the fire ;-;

with a match!

i tried that it just went back to where it was before without lighting the fire *goes to play friday night funkin mods*

So after a few tries, I managed to light it!... wow this is fiddly :D ! Click once to grab the matchbox, drag it to the fireplace, and click again (the hitbox sucks! for me it worked when I pointed the match itself to the lower-right corner of the fireplace, near the log).

I hadn't played this since the GGJ, 2 years ago, I don't know what we were thinking with the interactions with the dragging, but this is _not_ very friendly.

I still love the look & feel though :), and the lighting! Be sure to turn off the lamp once you light the fire, it's cosier.